China Hair Manufacturers: Top Rated 3 Hair Manufacturers In China

China hair manufacturers are popular worldwide because they have many branches overseas. It shows that hair made by China hair manufacturers is favored by the majority thanks to its high quality content at a reasonable price, which can bring about the highest returns for hair wholesalers.


1. Main characteristics of China hair manufacturers

1.1. China hair manufacturers produce on a large scale

China hair manufacturers always appear on the top rated biggest suppliers of human hair in the world. Hair manufacturers in China usually have a sizable factory and they operate on a big area, which means the hair company produces their own products on a very large scale.

  • That is the reason why China hair manufacturers can meet your order requirements no matter when you contact them.


1.2. China hair manufacturers have a mixed- hair source

Currently, not all hair products of China hair manufacturers are of Chinese origin. On the contrary, the majority of hair source is exported from external markets including Vietnam, India and other countries, only a small proportion is from domestic donors.

China hair manufacturers mainly buy raw materials from those countries as hair from India or Vietnam has a reasonable price and a fine quality

The table below shows nearly the correct share of hair input for China hair manufacturers:


Domestic marketsonly 10-20%
Import from India40%
Import from Vietnam20%
Import from other countries20%

As can be seen, India is the biggest exporter of hair to China hair manufacturers. However, raw hair from India without Chinese processing with chemical treatment is not as great as it can be. China hair manufacturers can beautify the hair thanks to the advanced technology in their factories


1.3. China hair manufacturers provide hair at a lower price 

It is undeniable that hair products provided by China hair manufacturers have a really competitive price and many wholesalers want to start business with hair vendors in China also because of that. This advantage of price is thanks to :

  • a plentiful source of labour force from local regions: China is the country with the largest population in the world so the number of workers in the hair industry is accordingly high
  • A cheap input source: as mentioned in 1.2, China hair manufacturers buy cheap raw hair from other countries, then processed it with their technology before reselling it at a higher price, but still much lower compare to hair manufacturers in US or  UK

1.4. China hair manufacturers export their products to a lot of countries

According to the, China’s wig export accounts for more than 70% of the global supply with one of the main major destinations being North America. Besides, China human hair manufacturers also supplied their hair for wholesalers in more than 100 countries, ranging from Asian region to African and US-UK

The point is if you can do business with China hair manufacturers, you stand a great chance of having a plentiful market which if taken advantage wisely, can bring you a big sum of money.

2. Hair products produced by China hair manufacturers

2.1. Is  hair from China hair vendors good?

It would be wrong to deny the quality of hair from China hair manufacturers. Only with human hair of the finest quality can they consistently appear on top of the ranking table of biggest hair exporters.

If you search for China hair manufacturers on the Internet , Google will then give you millions of results showing the name and reputation of hair manufactures. The majority of them have a high score rate on e-commerce sites like Alibaba or Aliexpress, made-in-china…. Those  scores can not be fake, it is collected and is the objective average score from all of the China hair manufacturers’ prior customers.

China hair manufacturers have quite a great score, mainly greater than 4 /5, some of them even achieve 4.6 and 4.7/5

2.2. How many types of human hair do China hair manufacturers have?

To meet the different requirements of different markets, China hair manufacturers have to expand their factories and produce various hair products. Hair can be categorized into different groups like hair extensions, wigs, tip hair… 

The table below shows the diversity of hair supplied by China hair manufacturers

DivisionBased on gradesBased on TextureBased on qualityBased on types
Super double drawn: 90-95% hair at the same length, other is shorter hairStraight hairVirgin hairWeft
Double: 60-70% hair at the same length, other is shorterCurly/Wavy hairRemy hairWigs
Single: 50-60% at the same length, other is shorterKinky/Pixie hairNon-remy hairFrontal/Closure
Bone straight hairTip/Tape

Therefore, working with China hair manufacturers will give you an edge in hair diversity because they can surely satisfy any requirements of hair from you.

2.3. Compare China hair manufacturers and hair manufacturers in other countries


China hair manufacturersOther hair manufactures
Shipping timeWithin 2 days (depending on locations) as China hair manufacturers have their branches worldwideTake longer time to ship to your location. Sometimes a week if you are far from the manufacturer or the weather is unfavorable
MOQNo required minimum quantity of order.

Deliver your order regardless of your order size, whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or end buyer.

2000-3000 or even more will they sell you because it is not worth serving a small order
PriceFamous for a reasonable priceHigher than hair from China 1-2$/bundle
Diversity of hair productsOf great level, they can provide you whatever hair you wantDepending on the providers. Some don’t have the hair you want
Quality of hair productsFrom 1A-12A, depending on the price of hairVaries depending on the countries
Customer service before and after saleAlways get good reviews from partners and customersSome good some bad


3. Factors of best China hair manufacturers – Signs of fraud China hair manufacturers

As the hair industry is an increasingly growing industry in China, the number of hair factories in China have increased exponentially. However, not all of them are real and trustable vendors.  Instead they are scammers who are trying to skimp on quality to steal your money.

So, how to distinguish between a trustable manufacturer and a scammer, read the table below.


Trustable China hair manufacturersFraud China hair manufacturers
Comprehensive information on their own website, smartly designed social fanpageNo website, unreliable website, no social media (facebook account, instagram)
Providing legal paper and relevant certificates of the companyNo legitimate manufacturing license or legal company paper
Able to call video to show you their productsNo willing to video call
Appear on ranking table of hair factoriesNo significant appearance on any ranking tables
Good customer service, patiently answer customer questionsRush to paying money
High scores from customer feedback and reviewsNo or low rates from customers


4. How to do business with China hair manufacturers – Full tutorial

If you decide to import or buy hair products from China hair manufacturers, here are the full instructions for you:

Step 1: Finding reliable China hair manufacturers

Review the company profile carefully to wonder whether they are reliable China hair manufacturers or a scammer. If you are not sure, go back to 3.

Step 2: Q&A

At this step, you contact the China hair manufacturer to ask them questions about any problems you are unclear about. For example, you can learn more about the shipping process, the MOQ of the manufacturer 

Step 3: Requesting for real images/videos

You can do that by insisting on their provision of real products images and videos. It will not only show that they are real manufacturers who have authentic products but also give you more trust in this supplier

Step 4: Requesting for a sample size

Requesting for videos or images is not enough, you should also tell the China hair manufacturer to send you a sample size which you can depend on to determine the level of quality. It’s also a yardstick for you to compare when you receive your final order.

Step 5: Finalize your contract

You are almost done. Remember to have everything recorded as a hard copy.  It ensures that the China hair manufacturer can not scam on you

Step 6: Unload and check the final products

Don’t forget to double check before you pay for the rest of the payment. You have to make sure that the final products meet your requirements

5. China hair manufacturers league: Top rated 3 hair manufacturers in China

5.1. ISEE Hair

ISEE, is a well-known hair extensions and wigs brand of China hair manufacturers that specializes in natural human hair. The company can ship worldwide, ensuring that you get the greatest China hair as quickly as possible.

china hair manufacturers 1
ISEE Hair Factory

5.2. U-Nice Hair

Company profile:

  • U-Nice is one of the top Chinese hair manufacturers
  • More than 22 years of experience in exporting and manufacturing real human hair.
  • Furthermore, this company had over 50000 registered users on its website in 2017
  • It was well-ranked on several e-commerce platforms like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon…
  • The company also enjoys good reviews from famous celebrities on social media and beauty bloggers on Youtube.
china hair manufacturers 2
U-Nice Hair Manufacturer

5.3. Queen Hair

Queen Hair is one of biggest China hair manufacturers. The company is not only famous in the domestic region but also enjoys a worldwide reputation. This hair manufacturer has over 12,000 followers on the internet and would surely satisfy customers’ needs for high-quality hair products.

china hair manufacturers
Queen Hair Manufacturer in China

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