Hair Factories In China: Top 3 Biggest Hair Factories In China

If you want to start up as a hair wholesaler, hair factories in China are an ideal partner. The hair industry in China has taken larger proportions of global trade because not only does hair have an enormous economic profit but China hair is also very unique. 

1. Main characteristics of big hair factories in China

Regardless of the company’s brandname, hair factories in China share several similar features.

1.1. Hair factories in China have a large-scale production

This country’s enormous workforce, as well as more modern machinery and equipment, enable hair factories in China to produce goods, notably hair products, in big enough numbers to meet consumer demand not only in China but also throughout the world.

hair factories in china 1
Hair factories in China have a large-scale production

1.2. Sources of input for hair factories in China

Not all hair products from hair factories in China originate from the country itself. Instead, China hair factories take their source mainly from overseas, which means they import hair from other countries having a large volume of hair like Vietnam, India, Mexico… because those countries are also famous for their hair products. 

hair factories in china 2
China imports hair from other countries

After importing the raw hair for wigs, hair factories in China then mix the hair as long as they share the same quality, process them and make the final products like hair extensions, virgin hair, remy hair…

hair factories in china 3
Hair factories in China import hair and resell

2. Things make hair of hair factories in China popular

It’s no coincidence that hair from hair factory in China is famous all over the world. This popularity is thanks to many outstanding features.

hair factories in china 5
Hair factories in China export hair to many countries

2.1. Hair from hair factories in China has a reasonable price

It is not an exaggeration to say that hair from hair factories in China or China hair vendors is cheapest and most competitive in the hair industry. The hair price for each bundle of hair is lower from $1-2 compared to hair factories in other countries.

hair factories in china 4
China hair is reasonably priced
  • Why is hair from hair factories in China that cheap?

It can be explained by the fact that China human hair factory produces hair on a very large scale, take advantage of cheap labor force and online platforms to reduce external fees.

hair factories in china 6
Hair factories in China have cheap but sufficient labor force

2.2. Hair factories in China produce various types of hair

Hair factories in China are a giant in the hair market because they  supply almost every type of hair that appears on the market:

  • Based on  origin: For example, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Mexican hair and hair from other countries are supplied by hair factories in China. 
  • Based on quality: Hair factories in China also have hair extensions types depending on the quality, which comes into 3 categories: virgin hair, remy hair and unprocessed hair.
hair factories in china 7
Three main hair types of Chinese hair factories

Here are some main features of them

Virgin hairNever chemically treated

Only 1 pure hair donor

Easy to process or dye to any colorsLimited amount

Not always available in stock

Remy hairHair all points from root to tip in the same direction

Collected from 2-3 hair donors with the same hair quality

Healthy, no or just a little chemically involved

Always available in stockCompeted by remy hair from other countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia
Unprocessed hairNever treated with chemicals

One donor

Collected right after it is cut from hair donor

Come from Chinese domestic markets with people taking care of the hair wellQuite thick and easily get tangled

Without chemical treatment, it is not suitable for making hair extensions.

According to the table and common patterns of selling and buying in the hair industry:

  • Remy hair accounts for the largest proportion of hair imported and exported.
  • Therefore, if you want to obtain economic profit and deal with hair factories in China, there will be nothing easier than starting with remy hair.
hair factories in china 8
Remy hair has the biggest economic return

3. How can hair factories in China meet national standards?

To become a legal sellers in the market, hair factories in China should and have to satisfy the following requirements: 

hair factories in china 9
Requirements of standard hair factories in China

1. Manufacturing license:

  • A manufacturing license is necessary for any hair factories  in China
  • A business license certifies that this company is legally allowed to manufacture human hair products.
hair factories in china 10
Manufacturing license from Ministry

2. Production standards: The comprehensive and reliable infrastructures indicate to partners that this facility can produce high-quality products.

3. Company registration paper: It is essential that hair factories in China  have a business registration certificate from the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce. Without it, the hair factories are not guaranteed by the Chinese government to operate lawfully.

4. Skillful labour force and knowledgeable experts in the hair industry: It is likely that high quality hair factories in China employee skillful workers and experts, which will undoubtedly give them an edge in the competitive hair market and bring more trust when dealing with buyers

5. Strict regulations: It is necessary that hair factories in China follow a stringent manufacturing and censorship procedure, because with strict regulations come high quality products and productive output.

4. The biggest markets of hair factories in China

Hair products have a sizable market as well. Different hair factory in China will process and sell hair at different rates depending on the market to meet the demands of consumers. Each market has its own criteria.

Virgin hair products are the most costly due to their excellent quality, and they are frequently marketed to businesses and purchasers in the United States and Europe.

hair factories in china 11
Main markets of hair factories in China

On the other hand, hair wigs and hair extensions made from raw and remy hair are favored by Asian and African countries because:

  • Despite quality at a normal rate, their price is relatively low.
  • The collecting procedure and production of those hair types are much easier compared to virgin hair as well, so hair factories in China annually export a large amount of hair products to those markets.

5. Among a number of hair factories in China, how to differentiate between a reliable one and a fraud one

Don’t be surprised if you are overwhelmed by the number of hair factories in China. Hair industry is gaining more and more advantages and many people see the benefits from hair.

However, not all of them are reliable hair factories in China, they can be brokers, middle sellers or even scammers.

hair factories in china 12
Be careful with hair factory scammers

To ensure yourself the most benefit, you should only work with big companies or hair vendors in China. Here are some difference between a reliable hair factory and a fraud one

Reliable hair factories in ChinaScammers
Comprehensive information on their own website, smartly designed social fanpageNo website, unreliable website, no social media (facebook account, instagram)
Providing legal paper and relevant certificates of the companyNo legitimate manufacturing license or legal company paper
Able to call video to show you their productsNo willing to video call
Appear on ranking table of hair factoriesNo significant appearance on any ranking tables
Good customer service, patiently answer customer questionsRush to paying money
High scores from customer feedback and reviewsNo or low rates from customers

6. Top 3 biggest hair factories in China

The following 5 hair manufacturers in China may be ideal for your consultant because of their excellent quality reputation and positive ratings.

6.1. U-Nice:

Company profile: based in Xuchang, Henan Province, China, has been exporting Brazilian real human hair for the past 22 years. U-Nice has become a giant wholesaler on e-commerce exchanges including Aliexpress, Amazon, and eBay. Furthermore, this company’s website has 50000 registered users in 2017 and received positive feedback from not only consumers but also celebrities all around the world.

hair factories in china 13
U-Nice Hair Factory

6.2. Queen Hair:

Company profile: Queen Hair is famous for providing high quality Virgin Human Hair Products. It is one of the hair factories in China with more than 10 years in the hair industry that achieved great success and reputation. Queen Hair Brand has received good reviews and praise from customers worldwide as top of best hair factories in China. 

The factory also applies a strict quality control system to ensure the finest quality of hair before delivering to customers. That is the reason why Queen Hair gets a total rating score of 4.5/5 on Aliexpress – a big e-commerce platform in the world with many users.

hair factories in china 14
Queen Hair Factory in China

6.3. ISEE hair

Company profile: ISEE is not only one of the most famous hair wholesalers on Aliexpress but also one the biggest hair factory in China. The company trades in human hair, which comes in a variety of textures and styles.

Customers from all around the world adore the store, which is why it is a top brand. Good reviews and comments account for more than 97% of the total feedback, which is a really high score.

hair factories in china 15
ISEE Hair Factory

Detailed reviews on other China hair manufacturers:

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