China hair factory in Lagos: The Choice Of Beauty

Customers from all around the world have been placing greater and greater demands on hair products, particularly those from Africa and Europe. For instance, many potential consumers in Nigeria are seeking multinational hair producers. This article will be an answer to the question “Is there any China factory in Lagos?” as well as shows you some reliable and reputable China hair factory in Lagos.

1. Overview of China hair factory in Lagos

For the convenience of customers seeking this phrase online, we’d like to refer to Chinese hair salons in Lagos as “China hair factories in Lagos” in the first part. Based on origin, quality, and cost, we have listed some of the key qualities of a Chinese hair factory in Lagos below.

Chinese hair factory in Lagos

1.1. The origin of raw material for China factory in Lagos

Due to an effective and accessible transportation network, the majority of the raw hair materials used by the China hair factory in Lagos come from China and India as well as some of Nigeria’s surrounding nations. There are two primary categories of raw Indian hair: hair balls and temple hair.

China also provides another sort of basic hair supply. Chinese hair is often obtained from women of ethnic groups, and because of the country’s harsh climate and poor diet that emphasizes fatty, high-calorie foods at the expense of vitamins, Chinese hair tends to be thin, easy to lose, and tangle.

Overview of Chinese hair factory in Lagos

1.2. The features of China factory in Lagos

  • Price

The price of hair products from China hair factory in Lagos is incredibly inexpensive since the majority of their goods are made from Indian hair, which is notorious for its poor quality. The primary competitive advantage of the Chinese hair factory in Lagos is likewise this.

  • Quality

Its hair products are of the lowest quality and cannot be compared to premium leading raw Vietnamese hair products like those from Vietnamese hair suppliers since the China hair factory in Lagos mostly imports Indian hair for raw materials. Customers who intend to purchase Chinese hair extensions from a Chinese hair factory in Lagos must exercise extreme caution.

2. The characteristics of Vietnamese hair compared to China hair factory in Lagos

We advise purchasing from a leading worldwide hair provider that is well-known for its amazing high-quality goods, reasonable rates, and thoughtful customer care. The key arguments for purchasing from a Vietnamese hair source are listed below.

Vietnamese hair compared to China hair factory in Lagos

2.1. Vietnamese hair offers  unrivaled quality compared to China hair factory in Lagos

Vietnamese virgin hair comes from women in ethnic communities because these women have the ideal living conditions for virgin hair: mild weather, an environmentally conscious lifestyle that includes eating a lot of vegetables and other organic foods, as well as a clean, nearly pollution-free environment.

The concern and respect shown by Vietnamese hair providers to their consumers is another factor that affects the quality of Vietnamese hair. Then, Vietnamese hair unsurprisingly enables you to create a variety of hair extensions styles and colors such as best natural looking wig for Caucasian to know and so on.

2.2. Vietnamese hair has reasonable prices compared to China hair factory in Lagos

Vietnamese hair, when compared to ANY other hair products now sold on the market, obtains an extraordinarily high quality that justifies charging the greatest price.

The excellent quality of Vietnamese goods must nonetheless be available to all potential customers, thus Vietnamese suppliers continue to set the price at an affordable level

3. Some famous and reliable China hair factory in Lagos

To save customers purchasing time and effort in finding a China hair factory in Lagos as well as preventing them from scammers and frauds, we would like to suggest some reliable China hair factory in Lagos that can be up to your satisfaction. Or you can buy them through the website Chinesehairfactory, which has a host of reputable Chinese hair factory in Lagos

3.1. Ali Queen – Top China hair factory in Lagos

The most well-known China hair factory in Lagos is called Ali Queen, and it produces and sells human hair and hair extensions not just in Lagos but also across the rest of Nigeria.

Ali Queen 

This business uses high-tech machinery to create hair in great quantities and at competitive prices. You can visit there website and know more about their products.

3.2. UNice hair – Top China hair factory in Lagos

UNice hair

A Lagos warehouse owned by the Chinese hair production business UNice was constructed exclusively to service Nigerian clients. They exclusively sell real human hair since they support the trend toward natural beauty.

Raw hair, hair extensions, and wigs are all part of UNice’s extensive and varied product line, which is renowned for its low rates. As a result, they provide hair products to several local Nigerian hair salons for their clients.

3.3. Hot Beauty Hair – Top China hair factory in Lagos

Hot Beauty Hair

A multinational hair provider with an emphasis on exports, Hot Beauty Hair manufactures and markets items made from real human hair. This provider advertises its products to potential consumers through physical storefronts, network trade platforms, and exhibitors in other nations.

4. K-Hair – One of the biggest competitors of China hair factory in Lagos

K-Hair Vietnam

Vietnamese hair has several qualities that are superior to those of its competitors, as was highlighted in the second section of the comparison between the Vietnamese hair supplier and the China hair factory in Lagos in terms of quality, price, and reputation. The most well-known and respectable Vietnamese hair provider at the moment, K-Hair Company, will be discussed in the last part. K-Hair has more than 30 years of expertise in the hair industry and has supplied natural hair extensions to more than 100 Chinese hair manufacturers and trade companies.

After all, when it comes to Chinese hair in general, there are many things for you to consider. The most outstanding points may be their low prices and diversity of hair extensions styles. There are quite many interesting styles for you to consider like quick weave with Chinese bangs:

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