Hair Factory: New Facts About Top Best Wholesale Hair Factory

Now that you are a wholesale hair reseller, you have many inquiries regarding a wholesale hair factory but are unsure of where to look for the solutions. All of your questions will be answered if you read this document. To provide you the most unbiased overview of hair factories, we humbly share what follows.

Overview of hair factory

1. Overview of wholesale hair factory

You will be able to determine if your present factory distributor is reliable or not, as well as whether the hair you have chosen is appropriate or not. Additionally, if you are a new wholesale hair reseller, you will get the fundamental skills required to start your business.

1.1. A wholesale hair factory’s qualified scale

You, as a reseller, should exercise caution and keep in mind these particular traits of a legitimate hair manufacturer. Products from the China factory in Lagos have great quality that you must try. 

All wholesale hair manufacturers are often situated outside of populated areas in a specialized area. Additionally, it must have a highly specialized manufacturing line in order to be labeled a factory. With the aid of the appropriate equipment or machinery, each group of workers will be in charge of each step in the creation of the hair extensions. A wholesale hair manufacturer has to employ at least 100 individuals as workers. Other hair-producing facilities with just 20–30 employees are not factories; rather, they are workshops, family, household, or mini-workshops.

1.2. Hair products of a wholesale hair factory

There are three human hair materials: virgin, remy and non remy hair:

  • Virgin hair:  is hair that has been cut from only one donor and has never undergone any processing. 
  • Remy hair is also used in remy hair, although it comes from two or more donors. The quality is not as consistent and excellent as virgin hair, but it is still nice overall.
  • Non remy hair: Non-remy hair is quite inconsistent; each hair has a different direction. It sheds and tangles quickly. 

Quality hair extensions are divided into four categories: single drawn, double drawn, super double, and VIP hair. You can buy all of these through website Chinesehairfactory

  • Single drawn: A hair manufacturer cannot charge you a high price since only 40–45% of the hair has the same length section.
  • Double drawn: hair has shorter and varying lengths throughout; 60–65% of the hair is the same length.
  • Super double: 80–85% of the hair is the same length; the remaining portion is shorter and of varying lengths.
  • VIP hair: The entire head of hair is the same length. This hair is unquestionably of the highest quality, and hardly all hair companies offer it for sale.
Hair products

2. Some current groups of wholesale hair factory

To make a wise choice, you must obtain a comprehensive understanding of all hair factories worldwide in order to evaluate and compare them. Although there isn’t enough material available right now, the secrets are all grounded on real-world hair industry expertise. Knowing this, we, as a former hair factory, will provide you with the most trustworthy sharing to enable you to have the most accurate picture possible of wholesale hair factories throughout the world. Then, it will become easier when you want to compare hair from different suppliers such as to distinguish Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair or Chinese hair, etc. Below are some current groups of wholesale hair factories around the world. 

  • Chinese hair factory (main product is Chinese hair extensions)
  • Indian hair factory
  • Vietnamese hair factory
  • Other Asian hair factories: Cambodian, Laos, Myanmar,..
  • European hair factory
  • American hair factory
Some current groups of wholesale hair factory

3. Top best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam

Here is a list of the top 3 wholesale Vietnamese hair factories in Vietnam based on great quality, positive feedback, and reasonable pricing. 

3.1. K-Hair – Top best wholesale hair factory

K-Hair Vietnam hair factory is a large manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam, and it has been ranked as the number one largest hair factory in Vietnam in 2021-2022 for suppying best Vietnamese human hair. K-Hair has been making and exporting hair all over the world for over 30 years. They always provide the highest quality hair to numerous salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other companies throughout the world. This Vietnamese hair manufacturer has assisted hundreds of wholesale hair consumers.

K-Hair Vietnam

3.2. Queen Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair factory

Queen Hair Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam has over 5 years of expertise in both manufacturing and marketing of hair extensions. They are proud of their high-quality hair products, which are said to be made entirely of real hair. It has been their pledge to consumers and to themselves since its inception. This Vietnam hair manufacturer focuses on providing retail hair items in order to establish a relationship with Anka for consistent retail hair supply. There are several hair weaves available, including Remy hair and wholesale hair weaves.

Queen Hair factory

3.2. – Top Vietnamese Hair Factory

This website will provide you with all of the information you need about Vietnamese hair wholesale and Vietnamese hair factories. If you are ready to start a hair business or want to learn more about hair business, this website is an excellent resource.

Because the news is updated on a daily basis, you can be confident that the information on the Vietnam hair factory is correct and up to date. It is highly handy to read the news of many categories such as hair extensions, Vietnam hair suppliers, raw hair, and so on:

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