Chinese Hair Extensions: The Real Story Behind Your Hair Extensions

China is the world’s leading producer and supplier of Chinese hair extensions. If Vietnamese hair extensions are known for their high quality, Chinese hair extensions are known for their low cost and abundance. Join me as I learn about the peculiarities of Chinese hair extensions and the top five most reputable factories in China.

Chinese hair extensions

1. Overview of Chinese Hair Extensions

1.1. Where do Chinese hair extensions come from?

Because of industrialisation, Chinese hair extensions are actually Asian hair extensions because China buys hair from other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Brazil, and so on and then reprocesses the raw hair before exporting it as Chinese hair extensions. Taihe Town in Anhui Province is home to over 400 enterprises that offer the world’s greatest volume of Chinese hair extensions.

1.2. Chinese hair extensions products: Quality and price

Each hair type has its own distinct features since Chinese hair extensions are a collection of many different hair extensions from the hair factory. However, below are some of the primary features of Chinese hair extensions that hair suppliers should be aware of:

  • Chinese hair extensions at inexpensive pricing and a wide range of brands that are suited for all hair vendors with low to high demand.
  • Because the hair they import is Remy and Non-Remy hair, most of which is acquired through hair loss, the origin is not verified
  • Because China is known for contemporary technology and trained professionals with great technical skills, hair is chemically treated and may be dyed in a variety of hues.
Chinese hair extensions products

1.3. Types of Chinese hair extensions

China is well-known for its cutting-edge copying; what the rest of the world has, they produce better, therefore Chinese hair extensions may be utilized in the following formats:

  • Wig hair extensions: The hair extensions are sewed onto a cloth hat, allowing clients to wear the entire cap on their head and effortlessly remove them.
  • Weft hair extension: Hair is woven onto cloth with thread before being stitched straight into the hair of black women.
  • Tape-in hair extensions: The hair is fastened to the tape; just remove it and remove it.
  • Hair extensions for tips: Customers must visit a salon to have their hair joined since the hair is bonded to human hair using keratin. 

2. The reason to choose Chinese hair extensions for your business

Can you trust Chinese hair extensions? Vendors of Chinese hair should know Chinese hair secrets, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each variety, before selecting stock from Chinese hair wholesalers. You ought to read a review on Chinese hair extensions.

The reason to choose Chinese hair extensions

2.1. Pros of Chinese hair extensions

Chinese hair from a Chinese hair factory is less expensive than Vietnamese hair.

Chinese hair manufacturers use high-tech manufacturing methods combined with mass production to produce enormous amounts of hair that are always in stock.

Chinese hair from Chinese hair factories or China hair factory in Lagos is frequently blended from several hair donors, including Cambodian and Indian hair (not from 100% pure hair donors), which results in a lower price than Vietnamese hair.

2.2. Cons of Chinese hair extensions

The hair’s poor quality is a Chinese hair factory’s major flaw. Evidently, the price is reasonable for the quality. High-quality goods are not available for purchase at such bargain costs. Meanwhile, using low-quality hair extensions can lead to a number of linked aggravating situations, including rapid deterioration, limited usage, and time-consuming hair maintenance.

3. Sources of high-quality Chinese hair extensions

3.1. K-Hair Vietnam

K-Hair Vietnam

Vietnam’s top hair supplier is K-HAIR factory. K-Hair has more than 30 years of expertise in the hair industry and has supplied natural hair extensions to more than 100 Chinese hair manufacturers and trade companies, including ECI Corporation, LiWei Hair, Chanjang Co., etc. In Chinese hair extensions reviews and website Chinesehairfactory, K-HAIR has a lot of popularity.

Among all the hair from other providers like Indian or Chinese hair companies, Vietnamese hair is thought to be the greatest option for any female. 

3.2. Leis Hair – Top Guangzhou wholesale Chinese Hair Factory

One of the greatest hair suppliers in China is a large organization called Leis Hair. This Guangzhou China hair manufacturer sells a variety of foreign hair extensions in addition to Chinese hair. They are extensions of hair from brands made in Brazil, Peru, India, and other countries. Given how well-liked Brazilian hair is in this country, Leis Hair is regarded as one of the leading Brazilian hair providers in China. One of the leading Chinese wholesale hair factories is Leis Hair. This Chinese hair factory not only provides a range of hair origins, but also different sorts and styles of hair extensions.

3.3. Kabeilu – Top best Chinese hair factory


One of the largest Chinese hair manufacturers in China, Kabeilu was established sixteen years ago. According to reports, the factory is more than 15,000 square meters, and it employs 600 people. It is currently renowned for grandeur and in particular for its affordable hair prices due to its extensive business expertise.Due to its industrial size, the Chinese hair manufacturer Kabeilu is able to provide a variety of hair extension goods.

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