China Hair Extensions Factory: Top 3 Biggest Factories In China

Hair extensions from China hair extensions factory are well known for their economic potential because hair products from China are famous and favored globally, dominant in many markets such as Mexico, India, US… Therefore, choosing a China hair extensions factory to be your partner will give you an edge in the B2B world.

1. An overview of hair extensions produced by China hair extensions factory

1.1. What is hair extension?

Hair extensions from China hair extensions factory are 100% human hair so you can style the hair by washing, heating, dying as you would do with your natural hair.

china hair extensions factory 1
Hair from China hair extensions factory- 100% human hair

1.2. Origin of China hair extension from China hair extensions factory

China hair extensions factory always ranks in the league of greatest hair extensions exporters in the world. 

However, the source of hair for those factories does not totally come from China, instead, China imports input and process them and then resell it at a higher prices by claiming that it is Chinese hair extensions manufactured by China hair extensions factory.

china hair extensions factory 2
China hair extensions factory imports hair from outside

The table below provided by Market Research of Google Adwords will give you more information on the origin of hair source of China hair extensions factory

Domestic sourceonly 10-20%
Import from India40%
Import from Vietnam20%
Import from other countries20%

1.3. Unique features of hair extensions from China hair extensions factory

Despite limited sources of hair to make hair extensions products, China hair extensions factory still distribute their products worldwide and they are favored by even the toughest markets. It is thanks to:

  • Cheap price: due to cheap input when importing raw hair from other countries as well as low wages for laborers as China has a significantly plentiful labor force thanks to its large population
  • Available supply at any time: china hair extensions factory is famous for their large-scale production. It means the stock is always accessible therefore meeting customers’ requirements in terms of quantity at any time.

2. China hair extensions factory: Strength overweight weakness

2.1. China hair extensions factory manufacturing in a large-scale production

The majority of China hair extensions factory use high-tech in hair business manufacturing to generate a large number of hair that is always accessible in stock, because they always apply development of technology and produce hair products on a large scale.

china hair extensions factory 3
Producing hair in bulk

2.2. China hair extensions factory provides hair of a mixed source:

Chinese hair provided by China hair extensions factory is frequently blended from a variety of donors, such as Indian hair and Cambodian hair (not from a single 100% pure hair donor), which means the hair quality in each bundle is not equally the same, resulting in a lower price product compared with Vietnamese hair.china hair extensions factory 4

2.3. China hair extensions factory can supply hair at a low cost:

As mentioned above, thanks to mass production and low cost of hair source input, hair supplied by china hair extensions factory are entitled with a really competitive price. However, you have to bear in mind that QUALITY goes hand in hand with PRICE.

China hair extensions factory
China hair extensions factory can supply hair at a low cost

2.3. Compare China hair extensions factory and Vietnam hair extensions factory

2.3.1. China hair extensions factory

china hair extensions factory 6
China hair extensions factory vs Vietnam hair extensions factory

Because in China, cheap labor is always available, with that comes technology development, hair from China hair extensions factory is well-known for industrial-scale manufacturing and low-cost goods. As a result, the cost of hair on the Chinese market might be deemed low. However, many wholesale hair vendors claim that China hair looks beautiful at first, but eventually tangles and sheds quickly in such a short period of time.

2.3.2. Vietnam hair extensions factory

  • Vietnamese hair extensions factory suppliers are well-known for providing high-quality hair at an affordable price. 
  • Furthermore, the healthy sources of hair donors allow the hair to last for a long period (up to from 2 to 10 years if consumers know how to properly care for it with right maintenance). 
  • Besides, the cost is expected to be affordable, starting at 8.9 USD each bundle. 
  • Therefore, the chance of gaining a big sum of money when working with a vietnam hair extensions factory for B2B business is really high. 

The potential of vietnamese hair is undeniable:

    • With reference to its natural luxurious qualities and a reasonable price. 
    • Besides, with the advantages of the country’s stable socio-economic conditions, political stability, advanced factories, starting business with hair which originates from a vietnamese hair extensions factory is a wise choice.

      china hair extensions factory 7
      Vietnam hair extensions factory

2.3.3. Table of comparison between the hair extensions factory in China and in Vietnam

China hair extensions factoryVietnam hair extensions factory
PriceCheap– Hair of good quality, at a reasonable price, and with a long lifespan
ShipmentQuick and fast

(take 2-3 days to ship to EU)

Sometimes, no hair quantity available (due to collecting and manufacturing time)
Hair qualityAt a normal rate


Higher quality

 3. Main products of China hair extensions factory

3.1. Clip-in hair extensions

One of the main products produced by the China hair extensions factory is clip-in hair extensions which can be easily applied and removed as well as really user-friendly. 

Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for people who wish to gain money in the hair industry as these hair extensions have a huge economic potential due to the preference of people all over the world

china hair extensions factory 8
Clip-in hair extensions

Why many people prefer clip-in hair extensions? Using clip-in hair extensions from China hair extensions factory is really easy and convenient because clip-in hair extensions are easy to install and don’t require any heat, glue, or chemicals.

3.2. Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions means that wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape.

Tape-ins are the most popular semi-permanent technique utilized by celebrities and top stylists since they are the easiest to apply and remove while maintaining a natural and discreet appearance. Tape extensions are frequently used by stylists to thicken a short bob around the front of the hair, giving the face a blunt framing.

Economic benefit: high potential

china hair extensions factory 9
Tape-in hair extensions

3.3. Sew-in hair extensions/ Weaves

Weaves are a long weft of hair sewn to layers of your natural hair, similar to a clip-in extension. The hair is either braided and stitched with a needle and thread, or it is applied using a micro-ring.

china hair extensions factory 10
Sew in hair extensions/Weave

Because weaves can cause too much stress in fine or previously damaged hair, thus China hair extensions factory suggests that this hair extension method is only suited for individuals with thicker hair.

3.4. Comparison among 3 main types of hair extensions from China hair extensions factory


Clip-in hair extensions-easy to apply and remove

-require no heat, glue and chemicals

-little maintenance needed

-no require to wash regularly

-causing breakage and dryness for hair if using for a long time
Tape-in hair extensions-don’t cause much damage to natural hair

-suitable for most hair types

-Must have a stylist to install and remove

– Take a longer time to apply

-Using heat and glue

Sew-in hair extensions-most permanent and seamless, as the hair is literally sewn into your own hair and cannot come off-tension for hair

-doesn’t work well with light or thin hair

The table partly explains the reason why clip-in hair extensions are the most popular form of hair that is favored by many celebrities and top stylists.

china hair extensions factory 12
Famous people prefer clip-in hair extensions

Therefore, if you want to start trading hair extensions with a China hair extensions factory, take clip-in hair extensions into consideration because thanks to its reputation in quality and reasonable prices, you are likely to earn a big sum of money whether you are a B2B firm or a retailer

4. How to find your China hair extensions factory for your business? BE ALERT with scammers

Spending time doing research about China hair extensions factory on the Internet, you will get millions of results about thousands of factories. 

However, don’t trust any information you find on websites, they can be scammers who are trying to steal your money.

china hair extensions factory 14
Be careful with hair factory scammers

So how you can differentiate between real China hair extensions factory and a scammer, have a look at the table below

Reliable China hair extensions factoryFraud China hair extensions factory
Comprehensive information on their own website, smartly designed social fanpageNo website, unreliable website, no social media (facebook account, instagram)
Providing legal paper and relevant certificates of the companyNo legitimate manufacturing license or legal company paper
Able to call video to show you their productsNo willing to video call
Appear on ranking table of hair factoriesNo significant appearance on any ranking tables
Good customer service, patiently answer customer questionsRush to paying money
High scores from customer feedback and reviewsNo or low rates from customers

5. Easy tutorial on how to start business with your China hair extensions factory

Step 1: Locate a reputable China hair extensions factory

You could come up with a list of possible providers after spending some time on the internet. Then, determine 1 to 2 hair suppliers in China who best fit you based on the previous section’s suggestions and facts.

Step 2: Make contact with this China hair extensions factory 

The next step is to contact the factory. Make a point of enquiring about any required information that pertains to you at this time. For example, you may inquire about if there is a minimum amount that must be purchased or whether there is a discount for purchasing large amounts, or you could inquire about the duration of delivery time.

 or whether the final price covers shipping fees and duties or taxes. The China hair extensions factory will show you as detailed as possible all the papers and documents needed to import hair.

Step 3: Request hair product samples from the  China hair extensions factory vendors:

Before you make a large purchase of any products, remember to request the factory a product sample. For example, in the case of China hair, you can require a bundle of the variety that you want, it can be a bundle of wavy wig, a curly weft hair extension, remy or virgin. It is important that you describe your requirement as specifically as possible. Therefore, you can not only ensure that the quality of the product is high enough but also avoid hair vendors which are attempting to skimp on quality.

china hair extensions factory
5 Steps to Work with China hair extensions factory

Step 4: Finalize agreement with the hair extensions factory from China:

You are now willingly prepared to make an agreement with this China hair extensions factory. Remember to have everything recorded as a hard copy, especially the contract between the two parties. This contract should be concerned with details of the hair products description, pricing, installment terms, shipping terms and delivery.

Step 5: Check the final products

The last step is to check whether the products meet your specifications. In case they do not, immediately contact the factory for fastest solutions.

6. China hair extensions factory – Top 3 biggest hair extensions factories in China

6.1. U-Nice

Unice was founded in 1999 in Xuchang City, Henan Province, China, and has been providing professional set design, production, sales, and service for the last 15 years. From a modest local textile processing business, Unice has grown into a worldwide extension, processing human hair all over the world. The brand for the ideal and ultimate quest is embodied by the usage of this name. In addition, this China hair vendor get total of nearly 1000 reviews on and has the average score of 4.3/5

Main products: hair weave, closure and frontal, hair lace…

china hair extensions factory 20
U-Nice Hair

6.2. ISEE

Company story: 

ISEEHAIR specializes in high quality 100% human hair, we’ve been in the hair business for over 20 years, we have our own factory, which provides flexibility for hair produce and best price for wholesale. Located in China, but we ship worldwide, providing high quality hair at affordable prices, with strong supply ability and sufficient stock, gradually becoming a global human hair enterprise in the world.

Moreover, ISEE china hair vendor enjoys good reviews from famous beauty bloggers, celebrities and customers.

Main products: 10A grade human virgin hair, 9A grade human virgin hair,…

china hair manufacturers 1
ISEE Hair Factory

6.3. TED Hair

TedHair is the premium hair manufacturer in China, providing top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salon and online store owners around the world

china hair extensions factory 30
Ted Hair

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