KBL Hair Vendor Review: Top Best Hair Factory In China

The variety of famous hair vendors steadily strengthens its place in the hair business as the number of hair vendors multiplies to accommodate all the diverse client demands. The KBL hair vendor review in this article covers every related aspect of this Chinese hair brand, including the background of hair extensions, the corporate guidelines. 

KBL hair vendor review

1. KBL Hair Vendor Review: Overview of KBL hair vendor factory

If you’re wondering how to start hair business successfully, KBL is an example. KBL Hair Factory, which has 14 years of experience in this hair industry, was found in 2007. They are a well producer and expert focus on development, manufacturing, wholesale and customer service. In terms of quality control, they established a system to ensure that every item must pass a rigorous examination before distribution. The facility 3000 square meter wide and has 300 highly productive workers to provide fresh and complete stock at the reasonable price for wholesalers. Each day, there are approximately 10,000 pieces of hair ready to be sent. 

KBL hair vendor review has a productive manufacturing team in addition to a skilled sales staff with over 200 salemens to provide customer care. In order to establish business relationships with new distributors and become top Chinese hair factory review, they also frequently visit beauty fairs in other nations. Additionally, KBL hair vendor provides unique services for clients like OEM to cater to their various demands.

KBL hair vendor review

2. KBL Hair Vendor Review:  All about products quality

The selection of goods was rather outstanding. They possessed a wide range of hair textures and kinds especially the best Chinese remy hair extensions. This enables clients to purchase a product that precisely meets their requirements and desired appearance. Their selection of colors was one area where they might have done better.

KBL hair vendor review: Product quality

2.1. KBL Hair Vendor Review: Hair strain

When you first touch the hair, you are immediately aware of how thick the individual strands are. When touched, the hair feels fairly coarse and is not as silky as many units. This closure can still be a decent choice, depending on your preferences.

The unit doesn’t shed much, as can be seen while brushing through the hair. This is desired as it increases the hair’s lifespan.

The straight hair’s texture makes the unit’s color stand out very vividly. The closure seems to be an undertone-free, neutral black. The hair’s sheen also gave off a really healthy appearance.

2.2. KBL Hair Vendor Review: Hair line

Although the precise kind of lace was not stated, the fabric seemed high-quality. It was elastic, allowing you to adjust the piece so that it fits you the best as well as Honest hair factory review. It was thick enough to resist ripping even after several uses.

Baby hairs were already included with the device, saving the user one step during customisation. As the unit doesn’t seem to be pre-plucked, this also rendered the distinctive hairline ineffective.

It’s nearly hard to discern the knots holding the newborn hairs together. This produces the intended effect of seeming natural. There are larger knots in the hair further back on the unit. Although they are thick, bleach may easily repair this.

3. KBL Hair Vendor Review:  Purchase process for buyers

Sincere to goodness, this firm received a wide range of reviews. While some consumers thought they had been taken advantage of, others were ecstatic. So we will give you some advice about purchasing products from KBL hair vendor review, or via website Chinese hair factory.

3.1. KBL Hair Vendor Review:  Store experience

The general appearance of the business is not particularly inviting when you first log in. The website appeared to be quite commercial. They also do an excellent job of appropriately highlighting their items, other than that.

On most websites, the categories are often visible at the top of the screen. A hidden menu on the side of the screen in Kabeilu highlights the divisions. The mouse would frequently burst open this part since it was so sensitive.

Additionally, the website failed to identify any discount codes, which is pretty typical. The pricing is fairly fair, thus it makes sense that KBL hair vendor review don’t provide more discounts on their goods.

KBL hair vendor review: Store experience

3.2. KBL Hair Vendor Review:  Customer support

When they placed the order, they contacted customers over Whatsapp. They verified the shipment address and expressed interest in the delivered goods.

Along with emails and Whatsapp numbers, KBL hair vendor review have a client hotline to handle customer support issues. The business also has a live chat feature, but when I tried to use it, no one was available. If they are online when you choose this option, they will react through the chat. The business will then get in touch with you using the email you provided on the live chat form.

KBL hair vendor review: Customer service

3.3. KBL Hair Vendor Review: Delivery time

Delivery takes 3 working days, or 5 if the weekends are included. FedEx is used to ship the purchase. Orders that are in stock normally ship once a payment has been received in less than 24 hours.

If an order is customized, they can need an extra 3-5 days to send the items. The business offers customisation for both its packaging and its products. The packaging might be related to their design services.

That’s all about KBL reviews to consider. If you are also interested in other hair extension types like those from Vietnam, please also read more about them. You’ll find out so many amazing points about the hair quality and price: https://k-hair.com/vietnamese-hair-best-vietnamese-raw-hair-extension/

KBL hair vendor review: Delivery time

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