Virgin Hair Vendors: Top Rated 3 Biggest Virgin Hair Vendors

Virgin  hair has increasingly become a potential trading product, helping wholesalers gain a big sum of money. So there are more and more virgin hair vendors attempting to sell their hair. 

Today, we’ll discuss how to locate the finest wholesale virgin hair vendors and provide you with a list of the greatest virgin hair vendors.

1. Get to know more about virgin hair

Virgin hair vendors see the potential of this hair type and decide to do business with virgin hair but they don’t tell you this potential. Below will expand your knowledge about virgin hair

1.1. What is virgin hair?

Hair that has not been altered in any manner is referred to as “virgin hair.” It’s hair that hasn’t been colored or chemically altered in any manner. 

virgin hair vendors 1
Virgin hair

1.2. Unique features of virgin hair


  • As the name suggests, virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated: dying, bleaching… or changed in any manners involving chemicals. Once the hair is processed or color-treated, it can never be “virgin hair” again.
  • Virgin hair is collected from only 1 pure hair donor, which ensures the same quality of the hair.

    virgin hair vendors 2
    Virgin hair comes from 1 donor


  • It is very easy to dye to any color, because the hair has never been treated with color before
  • The hair is healthy, has a natural level of silk and smoothy

    virgin hair vendors 3
    Virgin hair is silky and smooth


  • Due to the strict requirement to be virgin hair, this hair type is quite expensive. It is to say that hair products like wigs or hair extensions from virgin hair are not so cheap. The price is 2-3 times higher than other hair types
  • Collecting virgin hair is difficult as the number of virgin hair donors decreases day by day, the quantity of virgin hair in stock is unstable and there is not always sufficient amount for buyers to buy in large quantities.

    virgin hair vendors 4
    Collecting virgin hair is expensive and difficult

1.3. Compare virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair

Virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair are 3 types of hair that are usually exported the most and used to make almost any hair products. The table below shows the difference between them


Virgin hairRemy hairNon-remy hair
FeaturesNon chemically treated, untouched


Natural hair

No or a little chemically treated

Healthy and silk

Hair goes in the same direction from root to tip

Chemically treated

Normal rate of silk and smoothy

Root and tips not go in the same direction

DurationMore than 3 years2-3 years< 1 year
Number of donorsonly 1 donor2-3 donors sharing same hair qualitymany donors
AvailabilityNot always available in stock

Come in small quantities

Always accessible in stock

Large quantities

Always accessible in stock

Large quantities

QualityFinest qualityGood qualityNormal quality

Although it seems that remy hair has more advantages than virgin hair in terms of availability and price, the market of products made from remy hair is significantly competitive as there are many remy hair vendors all over the world.

virgin hair vendors 5
Virgin hair vs remy hair

However, the hair market for virgin hair is opposite, if you can find reliable virgin hair vendors to cooperate in the long run and run your hair business smartly, you will definitely gain a lot of revenue because you can avoid competing as much as possible as well as ensure the quality for customers as virgin hair has always been dream for not only users but also hair stylists.

2. Things you need to know about virgin hair vendors

2.1. What are the best virgin hair vendors?

Virgin hair vendors are vendors specializing in selling virgin hair. They provide virgin hair usually in large quantities.

virgin hair vendors 6
Virgin hair vendors supply large quantities of hair

 Here are some features of best virgin hair vendors:

  • Good pricing policy: good virgin hair vendors will offer you the best wholesale price which not only saves you a lot of money but also allows you to sell directly to the end customer in a local retail shop or online, or even wholesale to a salon or hairdressing institute, where you can gain a big sum of money.
  • Quality assurance: Best virgin hair vendors will always guarantee you the best products with the finest quality whether you make a big purchase or not.
  • Ability to supply large quantities and customized products: Reliable virgin hair vendors should be willing for your order at any time even if the amount you require is larger than usual.
  • Quick delivery and quick response: Normally, big virgin hair vendors have great customer service, which means they are able to reply to your request no matter when you need to contact them. Best virgin hair vendors also deliver your order as soon as possible to save time for 2 parties


2.2. Standard of a high quality virgin hair vendors

To become a vendor of high quality, virgin hair vendors need to meet these requirements below:

virgin hair vendors 8
Standards of best virgin hair vendors
  • For virgin hair vendors, a legally registered brand name is necessary; this distinguishes this vendor from other virgin hair vendors helping to build trust with partners.
  • Virgin hair vendors must have a Verified Company Registration Document. This company paper verifies that the vendor can legally operate and is guaranteed by the government
  • Typically, the factory size of virgin hair vendors matters. The bigger factory, the higher quality this vendor is
  • The presence on social media of virgin hair vendors also counts: it will show the scale and ubiquity of the vendor and partly verify their trustworthiness with customers because you can read comments and feedback from their previous customers online and clearly

2.3. Main markets of virgin hair vendors

Hair products account for a large proportion in the external trading market.. Virgin hair products are the most costly due to their excellent quality, and they are frequently marketed to businesses and purchasers in the United States and Europe.

virgin hair vendors 9
Main markets for virgin hair

So, if you want to start up with virgin hair vendors, make sure you investigate carefully those markets including their requirements, their standards, customer insight…


3. Countries with the biggest virgin hair vendors: Table of comparison


Virgin hair vendors in ChinaVirgin hair vendors in USVirgin hair vendors in UK
MOQ0 -> 3500 pcs2000 -> 3000 pcs2000 -> 2800 pcs
Shipping timeVery fast

Less than 2 days depending on locations

Fast but slower than ChinaNormal rate
StockAlways accessible in stock (large-scale production of China virgin  hair factory)

Large quantities of stock

Not always accessible especially hair that is difficulty to collect (e.g: virgin hair)Always ready in stock but in limited quantities
Hair qualityFrom 1A-12A depending on customer’s needsRated as the market with highest quality of hairHair must meet a standard before being sold on the market

-> Fine quality

Customers’ reviews4.5/54.5/54.4/5

You should rely on this table to weigh up the pros and cons of virgin hair vendors from different locations to figure out who is the most suitable vendor for you.

However, it is highly recommended that if you focus on making money and want to win a big sum of benefits in your business, China hair vendors are not a bad choice.

4. Where to find the  best virgin hair vendors?

There are a lot of sources of information for you to rely on to find reliable virgin hair vendors.

virgin hair vendors 10
Finding a reliable virgin hair vendor

Not only you can read the criteria on 2.1 and 2.2 but you should also find on the Internet through many channels:

  • Google: Just spend some seconds typing “virgin hair vendors”, Google will bring thousands of results. You can use it to select virgin hair vendors that appear on top because typically, those on top Google are highly ranked and have a lot of online traffic daily
  • E-commerce exchanges: You can make full use of e-commerce sites which are famous and used worldwide like Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay to find the wholesale virgin hair vendors. When looking for vendors on those wholesale sites, you should focus on their score rates, the prior customers’ feedback, company profile and so on
  • Consulting service: If you are not sure about the trustworthiness of the virgin hair vendors, you can also turn to a consulting service to find you one. This is an agent that helps client find the best virgin hair vendors by consulting and answering you any questions that you need to know about a certain virgin hair vendor

5. Virgin hair vendors: Top 3 highly-rated virgin hair vendors in the world

5.1. Sunber Hair

About Sunber Hair: Sunber Hair is one of the most popular and highest rated human hair companies on the market. The company blends fashion, happiness, and share in every product they make. They supply Remy virgin hair, virgin Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian hair bundles, 100% human hair weaves, Remy hair extensions.

virgin hair vendors 12
Sunber Hair

The company also gets high scores in Alibaba and offers freeship for any order

5.2. U-Nice Hair

About Unice: UNice Hair is a well-known human hair supplier who supplies 100% human virgin hair. The company has been selling human hair for almost 20 years. They have a wide range of hair weaves, closures, and frontals, as well as hair extensions and wigs.

virgin hair vendors 11
UNice Hair

5.3. Nadula Hair

About Nadula: Nadula, as a worldwide human hair brand, is committed to becoming a beauty ambassador, delivering natural, long-lasting, and sumptuous beauty to every woman on the planet. Nadula is natural, long-lasting, and exquisite.

virgin hair vendors 13
Nadula Hair


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