China virgin hair factory Top 3 best China virgin hair factories

The market for virgin hair is very huge, and China virgin hair factory can provide exactly what every partner needs. If you are looking for a good one, here is the place to be. 

1. Features of China virgin hair 

China virgin hair is the highest quality hair product on the market provided by the China virgin hair factory. This hair is defined by these followings characteristics:


  • Donor: China virgin hair is collected from only one virgin hair donor, specifically young Chinese women, mainly in mountainous regions, or from other countries such as India, Myanmar, Cambodia and so on. In the selection process, a donor with thick, full, and long ponytail virgin hair is always sought after by collectors. 
  • Hair quality: China virgin hair is 100% natural human hair which has never been altered by any chemical process such as bleaching, perming, or color-treating. This hair has a natural beauty with soft, smooth, silky, shiny performance and no grey hairs or split ends.
  • Color and length: China virgin hair factory can sell virgin hair products in original color-black virgin hair or in color-treated virgin hair (if requested). The popular colored China virgin hair is blond #60 and #613 because only virgin hair can show out the uniform and perfect look without color difference after dyeing. The length of China virgin hair can extend from 8 to 30 inches. 
  • Shape: There are several shapes of China virgin hair that buyers can find on the market. China virgin hair factory can remain its straight-shape or make it curly, wavy to adapt to a partner’s demand. 


  • Hair grade: Although Chinese human hair can be divided into many grades from 5A to 12A which depends on hair thickness, only hair grades from 9A and up can be considered as virgin hair.  
  • Life-span: China virgin hair can last for a longer time than raw hair or remy hair due to its higher quality, about 1 to 2 years with proper care. 
  • Price: China virgin hair factory often offers the China virgin hair with higher price than other hair products. The reason why virgin hair is more expensive compared to raw or remy hair is because of its higher quality and less popularity than others hair. 

2.Standards of a high quality China virgin hair factory 

 A trustworthy China virgin hair factory should meet these standards below:


  • China virgin hair factory must have a business registration certificate from the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China: The protection of the Government ensures that this China virgin hair manufacturer operates legally.
  • China virgin hair factory must have Standard Production scale and facilities: The full and guaranteed infrastructures tell partners that this factory can produce high quality products.
  • China virgin hair factory must own manufacturing license: A business license shows that this factory has official permission to manufacture virgin hair products. 
  • China virgin hair factory must have a strict production and censorship process: a strict regulation will make sure that the production of this factory can be well controlled.
  • China virgin hair factory must have skilled human resources and hair experts: a good human resources will create a strong belief in this factory for partners.

3.Evaluating the export performance of China virgin hair factory

According to anthropologist Emma Tarlo, author of “The Secret Lives of Hair”, China is the largest exporter and importer of hair. This part will present the opportunities and limitations of China virgin hair factory. 

3.1. Potential of China virgin hair factory 

The Silk Road broadens export activities which helps increase profits for  China virgin hair factory: China has used this road for international commerce from China to the Far East,  the Middle East and Europe for more than 600 years and until now, this road has still become one of the most important trade routes of China. Due to the advantage of this geographical feature, China virgin hair factory has a lot of potential for exporting virgin hair to many markets in the world. 

Trading virgin hair through the Silk Road
Trading virgin hair through the Silk Road

Benefits of joining e-commerce platforms: Along with the Silk Road, nowaday, China virgin hair factory is also approaching online sales more and more thanks to the birth and development of many e-commerce platforms with great scale and influence in the world such as Tmall, Taobao, Alibaba, Aliexpress, ect. The association with these trading platforms helps China virgin hair factory to attract more partners and increase orders. 

3.2. Challenge of China virgin hair factory: The less attractive China natural virgin hair

According to online hair data, Chinese hair is the thickest and hardest. As a result, China’s supply of virgin hair is limited due to the unattractive quality of natural hair and almost every China virgin hair factory must import virgin hair from other countries. Because of economic reasons, most Chinese hair factories usually focus on the general market with raw or remy hair products instead of the high-end market with virgin hair products. This is a pain point of China virgin hair factory.

4.The main export markets of China virgin hair factory  

As mentioned above, the demand for Chinese virgin hair in the world is very huge. With many efforts, China virgin hair factory has exported many virgin hair products and made them become popular in many markets such as Europe, America and Africa. In which, the US and Europe are considered as the most potential markets due to the huge demand for virgin hair for dyeing and changing styles continuously. These are also the markets with the highest affordability for high-end products like virgin hair.


5.Finding a reliable China virgin hair factory

The hair industry is booming in China. China hair manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms in this country. So, to choose a good China virgin hair factory exporter, buyers can search through the following channels:

-Using Google: Partners can do a Google search to find top picks of China virgin hair factories and click to read accessible remarks and feedback from their previous buyers. 

-Using E-commerce platforms: China has a lot of reputable e-commerce platforms like Tmall, Taobao, Alibaba, Aliexpress, ect. Partners can search by keyword best China virgin hair and they can provide you a list of well-reviewed China virgin hair factory. You can also check the transfer speed, reaction time, ability to ship a large number of items later, and online delivery alternatives of any factory on these platforms. 

-Using Consulting services: This is an intermediary specialized in finding and recommending reliable China virgin hair factory. These consultants can be found in abundance online and you can either work in person at their office (if they have an office in your country) or work online. 


6.Importing virgin hair from China virgin hair factory

Here is the process of importing virgin hair from the China virgin hair factory that we introduce to you:

  • Stage 1: Finding China virgin hair factory

In this step, partners should consult carefully from many sources to avoid scam. A factory with unclear or hidden information about the company (address, email, contact) and products can highly be scammers. 

  • Stage 2: Making contact to the located China virgin hair factory 

The next step is to contact the factory and request for quotation.

  • Stage 3: Testing sample

Before a large-quantity order, make sure you test the sample carefully. 

  • Stage 4: Negotiating and finalizing agreement

Two parties must unify the final order before signing the contract. The price and other negotiation about payment method, shipping or discount should be done in this step. 

  • Stage 5: Unloading and inspecting the goods

Buyers should double check the virgin hair on arrival (required quantity, color, length) before payment.

How to import hair from China virgin hair factory
How to import hair from China virgin hair factor

7.Top 3 best China virgin hair factories

With the reputation of high quality and good review, the list below is expected to help you importing high quality virgin hair from a good China virgin hair factory. 

  • U-Nice: Established in Xuchang, Henan province, China, U-nice has had 22 years of experience in exporting virgin real human hair. Over the years, U-Nice has entered several e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress, Amazon, and eBay. Also, this company had 50000 registered users on its website in 2017 and received a lot of good feedback from many buyers over the world. 
  • ISEE HAIR: Located in Xuchang, Henen, China, ISEE HAIR is one of the leading companies specializing in 100% natural human hair. Wherever you are, ISEE can ship worldwide to bring you the highest quality China virgin hair. 
  • TED Hair factory: Known as a premier hair trading and manufacturer in China, this company supplies several types of hair products, especially virgin hair from many countries in the world.

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