Cambodian Hair Factory: The Beginner’s Guide To Explore

One of the most popular hair varieties to come from Southeast Asia nowadays is Cambodian hair extensions. Many hair dealers choose Cambodian hair extensions as their primary product due to their natural beauty and many positive traits. Cambodian hair extensions might really be very profitable. As a result, I also give information about the Cambodian hair factory

Cambodian Hair Factory

1. The secrets about Cambodian Hair Factory

Among the numerous additional nations that produce hair are Vietnam, China, and Indonesia… Hair sellers continue to favor Cambodian hair. Here are a few justifications for this choice. Let’s examine the advantages of Cambodian hair factory.

1.1. Affordable price and variety of textures from Cambodian Hair Factory

When compared to wholesale hair dealers from other nations, Cambodian hair is often the least expensive variety. Women may purchase the hair without hesitation with prices for 8 inches of weft straight hair ranging from 6 to 7 US dollars, and you can purchase them through the website Chinese hair factory

The Cambodian hair factory starts manufacturing after collecting the hair from all throughout the nation. It may be styled into curly, wavy, or kinky pixie cuts from naturally straight hair. According to the needs of the customer, colors can also be added.

Cambodian Hair

1.2. Quality of hair that Cambodian Hair Factory collect to produce hair extensions

Under the hot Cambodian heat, strictly weather,  impoverished women tend to their children and complete home duties. Scarification of hair is not desired. 

As a result of the women’s constant hair sales and their desperate need for money, practically all of the collected hair is short, split, and uneven. The coarse texture of Cambodian hair makes it difficult to straighten precisely.

2. Why should we choose Cambodian Hair Factory instead of Vietnamese one?

Despite the fact that both Cambodian and Vietnamese hair extensions are high-end hairpieces from Southeast Asia, geographical factors like environment and genotype may make a difference.

2.1. Differences between Cambodian Hair and Vietnamese Hair

  • Quality

Vietnamese hair produced by the Vietnamese hair factory  is lighter and thinner than Cambodian hair, which is thicker. As a result, hair purchased from Vietnamese sellers is always smoother and glossier than hair purchased from Cambodian merchants.

The north is where the Vietnamese people are from. Their hair shares many characteristics with Chinese or Japanese hair, but because of the warmer climate, it is softer and silkier. Cambodian hair has smaller cuticles. Vietnamese hair is thinner and smoother in texture than Cambodian hair as a result.

  • Pricing

Prices from Cambodian hair factory vary widely because they are so difficult to gauge, especially for specialized goods like hair. Cambodian hair vs. Vietnamese hair extensions are substantially less expensive than hair extensions in European countries since the income level and price in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia are significantly lower than in Western countries.

The cost of Cambodian hair from Cambodian hair sellers is somewhat more expensive when compared to Vietnamese hair, in part because of lesser output and partially because of production technique.

Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair

2.2. The reason why to choose Cambodian Hair Factory

Due to a few of its advantages, Cambodian hair factories are still an excellent alternative for hair extensions. However, you may pick Vietnamese hair from reputable Vietnamese top hair providers if you’re looking for higher grade hair that is utilized for luxurious lines at an inexpensive price. Stick to your plan to purchase hair, and let your target market help you select the appropriate merchandise.

3. Top Best Cambodian Hair Factories – trustworthy list of Cambodian hair factory

The names listed below are the most reliable recommendations if you’re seeking for the most reliable bulk manufacturers producing Cambodian human hair. Finding the best brand if you’re among Indian hair factory, Chinese hair factory,…  for your company is simple with the help of the information and comparisons provided by each provider.

3.1. Virgin Hair Cambodia – an reliable Cambodian Hair Factory

As a socially conscious hair company, Virgin Hair Cambodia is a Cambodian hair factory which is exclusively offers the highest-quality, 100% virgin remy hair that has undergone no chemical treatment. 

Natural Brown, Black, and Grey are its three original hues, as well as Straight, Wavy, and Curly, which are its three original textures. To provide consumers with a far more comfortable fit, Cambodian hair factory painstakingly stitch and trim their wefts.

Virgin Hair Cambodian Factory

3.2. Angkor Cambodia Hair Factory

The greatest B2B Cambodian hair factory is called Angkor Cambodian Hair. This Cambodian hair factory provides wholesalers and salons premium, virgin Cambodian hair at affordable pricing. 

The business, which has its headquarters in Phnom Penh, is owned by an American and a Cambodian. Straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and unusual curly are the five designs they provide as a Cambodian hair factory. Additionally, they provide blonde, clip-ins, closures, and gray and white hair. Wigs and frontals are available upon request.

Angkor Cambodian hair

3.3. K-Hair – the best alternative to Cambodian Hair Factory in Vietnam

With 30 years of creating hair, K-Hair is the top-ranking hair provider. Hair from K-Hair is sent to all markets, but particularly to Brazil, Nigeria, and Russia. We can create for various hair colors and styles because we are a manufacturer. 

We sell high-quality hair, and the fact that we have more than 3000 devoted consumers from over the globe is proof of this. Hair in bulk resellers may easily resell our products.

K-Hair Vietnam

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