Vietnamese Hair Extensions: Are Vietnamese Hair Extensions Good

Vietnamese hair extensions are among the most popular in the world and have a long history of popularity, particularly in high-demand countries like the United States, Europe, and Africa. The success of using hair extensions in Vietnam has been the subject of numerous articles worldwide. So a question is being raised about the quality of Vietnamese hair extensions whether it is good or not. This article below will answer the questions as well as give you some information about this kind of hair. 

Vietnamese hair extensions

1. Overview about Vietnamese hair extensions

Let’s first review the Vietnam hair extensions overview. All the information you require on the definition and salient features of Vietnamese hair extensions is provided here.

1.1. Definition of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are hair products from Vietnam that are used to lengthen or thicken the user’s hair. Weft hair extensions from Vietnam, bulk hair extensions from Vietnam, and many other types of hair extensions are among the available products. Vietnamese hair extensions in particular as well as hair extensions in general are very popular today.

Many individuals like Vietnam hair extensions because of its efficacy and ease. The quality of Vietnam hair extensions items, as well as their capacity to match market demand, will astound you.

1.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are thought to have numerous particular and distinct traits that hair dealers cannot find in any others.

  • Length and thickness: Vietnamese hair extensions are well-known for their length and thickness. Due to cultural norms, a Vietnamese woman’s hair should be longer than 20 inches.
  • Elasticity of Vietnamese hair extensions: The elasticity of Vietnamese hair extensions When utilizing curly hair extensions in Vietnam, clients enjoy a positive experience. Curls impart a natural look that mixes with human hair.
  • Softness and silkiness: Vietnamese hair extensions stand out for their softness and silkiness. Vietnamese women in hilly locations frequently labor in fields, which benefits their health. As a consequence, Vietnamese hair extensions are extremely smooth and delicate.
  • Durability of Vietnamese hair extensions: Vietnamese hair extensions have a lengthy lifespan, often ranging from 3-5 years depending on customer usage. Because of its 100% high-quality human hair, Vietnamese hair extensions may last for such a long time.
Characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions

2. Classification of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions can be classified according to a variety of factors. The high-quality Vietnam hair extensions will be divided into three categories: Raw Vietnamese hair extensions, Weft Vietnam hair extensions, and Vietnamese hair extensions lace wigs. 

2.1. Vietnam raw hair extensions

Consumers like raw Vietnam hair extensions because they are the unprocessed Vietnamese hair extensions. The intactness and naturalness of the hair are the most noticeable features of raw hair extensions from Vietnam. 

No treatments like heating or steaming are applied to Vietnamese hair extensions. Customers could thus buy this sort of merchandise to create whatever look they desired.

Vietnamese raw hair extensions

2.2. Weft hair – Vietnamese hair extensions

Due to its simplicity, weft Vietnamese extension hair is one of the most popular items in Africa and the US. This is the best option if you’re seeking for Vietnamese hair extensions that can be readily sold in these marketplaces or used to create wigs. 

100% human hair is used in weft hair extensions from Vietnam, which are sewed at one end to form a flawless weft.

Weft hair

2.3. Vietnam lace wigs

The wigs created at the Vietnamese hair factory are lace wigs with hair extensions. Typically, 3 bundles, 1 lace closure, or frontal is the ideal Vietnamese hair extensions recipe for a whole head. 

In contrast to the frontal, which is ear-to-ear in size, Vietnamese hair extensions closing lace will only cover a tiny portion of the wigs’ front. For these essential Vietnam hair extensions, people are prepared to shell out a sizable amount of money.

Vietnam lace wigs

3. Top reliable suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions

For the greatest Vietnamese hair extensions, it’s crucial to locate a reputable wholesale hair factory in Vietnam. Here are the top 3 Vietnamese wholesale hair providers you may work long-term with and in good faith.

3.1. K-Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair extensions factory

The K-HAIR factory offers premium Vietnamese hair extensions all over the world as the top hair supplier in Vietnam. K-Hair has served clients from more than 100 nations, including Nigeria, Russia, the US, the UK, and others, as a reliable hair extensions Vietnam business partner. 

Furthermore, because delivery of K-Hair directly from the manufacturer in Vietnam, its prices are consistently comparable with those of other suppliers. K-hair will mark its 30th year in the hair industry in 2020, and it will soon reach even higher milestones.

K-Hair Vietnam

3.2. 5S Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair extensions factory

The first Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam, 5S Hair Factory, offers many types of hair extensions made from 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair. They specialize in selling European hair extensions and export their goods to countries like Brazil and Russia, who deal in wholesale hair in America, the United Kingdom,…

5S Hair is a brand with a proven reputation. The Top Famous Vietnamese Brand Award was given to 5S Hai in 2021. This validates 5S Hair’s position and worth in the industry and pays tribute to their diligent efforts.

5S Hair

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